Kids are hard to reach...and harder still to engage.

batteryPOP's audience network solutions gets the right content in front of the right kids.

With over 100 million impressions served every month on mobile, desktop and TV, and support for display, pre-roll video, and custom campaigns, batteryPOP delivers quality ROI on your marketing efforts in the kids & family space.


Reach real kids...really.

How sure are you that your ads are playing to the right audience? batteryPOP's Audience Network represents popular COPPA & CARU compliant platforms that are 100% kid & family targeted.

Tap into batteryPOP's Creator Network to develop engaging original video.

Custom campaigns boost engagement and get kids excited about your brand. Work with one of our innovative creative partners to develop fresh, cost-effective, highly entertaining videos. 

SAMPLE ORIGINAL: How to Zombify    Client: Harper Collins Children's Books


Client: Harper Collins Children's Books

The name says it all!

Kids know what kids want. So who better to get your brand messaging across, than KIDS?

batteryPOP's roster of Kidfluencers are seasoned content creators (with some parental guidance, of course) and digital rainmakers. Work with Tristin & Tyler to cover your new store opening. Tiana Hearts can demonstrate a new craft featuring your branding. Or let the Playtime Toy Collectors be the first to unbox your latest toy. 

So you've made the video...NOW WHAT?

Is your original video sitting on a channel somewhere collecting dust? batteryPOP provides distribution and guaranteed views for your branded content, plus social media support.